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Dana DeArmond

Avg Rating: 4.7

About Dana DeArmond:
Tattoos: On her lower belly above her clit, around ankle

Piercings: One on her clit; one at the rear of her pussy just before her anus

Vital Stats:
Height:  5 feet and 8 inches (172cm)
Birthday:  June 16, 1979
Measurements:  32C-26-37
Social Media:  http://twitter.com/danadearmond
Astrological Sign:  Gemini

Fun Stuff:

Updates Featuring Dana DeArmond

Marriage counselor, Dr. Paul Highland, is at his wits' end. After years of dealing with an endless array of other people's problems, Paul finds himself with a problem of his own -- he no longer believes in love. That is until April, a beautiful bride to be, unwittingly seeks his advice. Sparks fly when an immovable object such as Paul Highland meets an unstoppable force such as April. How could two such opposing forces find a common ground? Can they? Or is this just another session in Dr. Highland's busy practice otherwise known as his life?
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Rebecca(Dana DeArmond) and Todd(Xander Corvus) have hot, makeup sex in their car following a major fight during marriage counselling.
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Tiffany (Dana DeArmond)corners her ex-boyfriend, John (Xander Corvus)in the bathroom and provides him with a very good reason why they need to get back together - insanely hot, make-up sex.
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Kevin and Gina are best friends that do absolutely everything together...almost. Unfortunately, despite harboring a major crush on her, he has never been able to move their relationship past the "Friend Zone." So, when Gina suggests that they try their hand at online dating, Kevin's fear of losing her pushes him to do the unthinkable. Stealing the identity of his coworker, Cameron, and creating a fake online profile, he sets out to woo his best friend, Gina. but when she falls for her online suitor and demands that they meet in person, Kevin will have to risk everything by telling the truth. Will his deception destroy their entire relationship, or will they finally step outside the "Friend Zone?"
Released: 01/16/2012
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