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Anthony Rosano

Avg Rating: 3.7

About Anthony Rosano:

Vital Stats:
Height:  5 feet and 8 inches (170cm)
Birthday:  January 31, 1987
Measurements:  Unknown
Astrological Sign:  Capricorn

Fun Stuff:

Updates Featuring Anthony Rosano

Casey and Anthony’s predictable marriage takes an unexpected turn when Casey brings home an anal sex toy for them to play with.
Released: 02/03/2016
60 Pics, 35 Mins

Passions explode when a sexually frustrated Alison asks her fiancé to take her virginity two weeks before their wedding day. Sara discovers that adult films are the ultimate foreplay when she accidentally catches her husband watching porn one afternoon. Casey and Anthony’s predictable marriage takes an unexpected turn when Casey brings home an anal sex toy for them to play with. When Kasey’s husband Richie asks her to take on a more aggressive role in the bedroom, she surprises him with a blindfold and pair of handcuffs.
Released: 02/01/2016
269 Pics, 123 Mins

Marriage counselor, Dr. Paul Highland, is at his wits' end. After years of dealing with an endless array of other people's problems, Paul finds himself with a problem of his own -- he no longer believes in love. That is until April, a beautiful bride to be, unwittingly seeks his advice. Sparks fly when an immovable object such as Paul Highland meets an unstoppable force such as April. How could two such opposing forces find a common ground? Can they? Or is this just another session in Dr. Highland's busy practice otherwise known as his life?
Released: 03/31/2014
224 Pics, 108 Mins

After Marcus (Anthony Rosano) finds out that his trophy wife, Diora (Lexi Belle) just spent $18000 on a vacuum cleaner, she turns on her sexual charms in the hopes of getting him to forgive her.
Released: 02/03/2014
78 Pics, 16 Mins

During the war, a U.S. Marine squad is dispatched into hostile territory to rescue the survivors of a helicopter crash. This is the story of the men and women who bravely fight for our freedom and the loved ones they leave behind. No greater sacrifice can be given than to lay down your life for another. Writer/Producer Nic Andrews and Director Andre Madness bring you an exhilarating action movie jam packed with pulse-pounding action, intense sex scenes and heartfelt drama. To all our Military, Thank you for your courage and your sacrifice. Come home safe. Someone who loves you is waiting.
Released: 09/24/2012
301 Pics, 125 Mins

Being deep in the war zone brings on wild emotions and sexual anxiety for Cassandra. She gets lost in a water bath inside a bunker and takes herself into her mind of lust, in bed exploring all her pent up desires and fantasies.
Released: 09/19/2012
59 Pics, 19 Mins

After years of being in the 'friend zone', Kevin (Anthony Rosano)finally manages to win the heart of his best friend, Gina (Riley Reid)and the two make up for lost time by having passionate sex.
Released: 01/16/2012
16 Pics, 22 Mins