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Stories of Love & Passion Are Beautifully Woven Around Hardcore Sex Scenes in New Sensations’ The Romance Series!

April 20, 2011 — CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Romance Series’ “A Little Part of Me” received a coveted Feminist Porn Award for the Steamiest Romantic Movie of the past year.  Created by retailer Good For Her, the Feminist Porn Awards acknowledge achievements in female empowering erotic filmmaking.  The Romance Series, from New Sensations, is the first and only line of movies to focus entirely on love, while providing hardcore and beautiful sex scenes, which showcase the passion true lovers feel.  “A Little Part of Me” features a strong female character played by adult performer Bobbi Starr, who is on a journey of self-discovery, love and faith.  “It’s a great honor to be recognized by a feminist organization for making a erotic feature intended to appeal to a broader audience, especially women,” says Director James Avalon.  “It shows we indeed succeeded in accomplishing our goal.  The real credit goes to Scott Taylor who created a new concept for The Romance Series combining visually evocative images, while still putting the main focus on characters and story.  I’m grateful to have been able to direct one of their many exceptional films in The Romance Series.”

Toronto adult store and e-tail site Good For Her is the creator of the Feminist Porn Awards.  The sixth annual awards show was held April 15 at the Berkeley Heritage Events Venue in Toronto, Ontario.  The Feminist Porn Awards strive to provide erotic entertainment that is smart, sexy and appreciates women as viewers.

“A Little Part of Me” is a heartfelt story of the struggle to move on and rediscover love.  After losing the love of her life, Linda (Bobbi Starr) finds herself in need of a new inspiration.  Thankfully, her close friends have the “perfect” solution, as it just so happens Linda’s lost love was an organ donor.  In an effort to find closure, she seeks out each of the organs’ recipients to see the impact “he” had on their lives.  As Linda searches for answers, she begins to wonder what it is she is even looking for or what she’ll do if she finds it.  Each answer Linda discovers brings with it a hundred more questions.  One thing is for sure—this sexy, romantic, light-hearted tale is sure to please lovers of all ages.  “A Little Part of Me” features an A-list cast, including Bobbi Starr, Allie Haze, Kimberly Kane, Zoe Voss, Danny Mountain, Mark Davis, Rocco Reed, and Michael Vegas.

In order to appeal equally to women and men, each volume of The Romance Series is a collaborative effort by the New Sensations diverse staff.  Whether written by a woman (Crystal Dear; “The Engagement Party”) or directed by a man (James Avalon; “A Little Part of Me”), The Romance Series balances passion and love with hard-core sex scenes.  This collaboration produces movies women feel equally comfortable enjoying on their own or watching with a partner. reviewer Bill the Hobbyist champions The Romance Series.  He writes, “We should just leave the ‘adult romance movies’ to [The Romance Series], since they do it so well, and nobody comes close to what New Sensations has delivered.”  In his review of “A Little Part of Me”, Bill adds, “After now having watched and reviewed several of The Romance Series [titles], I still do not get bored watching them.  Each one delivered its own uniqueness and is done in a special way.  The thing I like about ‘A Little Part Of Me’, as in all the DVDs from this series, there is a lot of diversification in watching them.  They are perfect for a couple to sit back, cuddle and enjoy together, and for a spouse [who] has never watched porn, these are a great way to get her introduced…This DVD has a strong cast, excellent acting and powerful sex, and I ‘Highly Recommend’ it to everyone, not only to watch once, but many times over.”


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